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Dee Natsuko's Fan-fiction

Dee Natsuko
This LJ is a place for me to post and archive any fan-fiction I write. Please do NOT add work from here to any other archive. Please do NOT add this journal to any newsletter watch or feed.

However, anything publicly posted here MAY be used as the basis of any other fan-work. Please accept this as permission to use any AU world I create and/or any of my OCs in your own work, create pod-fics of my fics, use events, plots and ideas from my fics in your own works, create prequels, sequels and missing scenes and any other use you can think of, up to and including re-writing any parts of my fics if you get that, "If only she had done X differently..." feeling.

Short of just copy/pasting and sticking your own username on it, anything goes. No need to ask, no need to notify, no need to link. (Notifications and links would be nice, but are not necessary.)